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2022-23 NM Hunting Rules

Project Childsafe from the NSSF

Yes, they are coming for your guns

We have always known anti-gun politicians in New Mexico wanted to take away our firearms, that has been their goal all along with every bill introduced and law passed, but today they took a giant step forward. In HB101, which was filed today by Representative Andrea Romero, if you own a semi-automatic rifle you […]

More Anti-Gun Bills Filed for the 2023 Session

The 2023 New Mexico Legislative Session is just days away from getting started, and the anti-gun bills are pouring in. Today, HB72 was filed by Representative Caballero and Senator Lopez. The bill appears to be an attempt to target “bump stocks,” but owning any firearm accessory “designed or functions to increase the rate of […]

Special Message from NMSSA President


To our members and supporters, thank you for standing with us this legislative session. We knew that there would be an assault on our right to keep and bear arms going into this year, but the attacks we have seen this year are the worst we have seen in New […]

New Mexico: 2015 Legislative Session is Now Underway

New Mexico: 2015 Legislative Session is Now Underway Today, the New Mexico Legislature began its 2015 session. The NRA will continue this year to fight any attack against your Second Amendment rights while continuing to help advance pro-gun reforms in Santa Fe.

The NRA will keep you updated on the status of legislation impacting […]