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Project Childsafe from the NSSF


Amateur Traphsooting Association

Amateur Trapshooting Association

The Amateur Trapshooting Association serves as the governing body for the sport of American style trapshooting. The ATA’s mission is to promote and govern the sport throughout the world.

As the faithful protector of trapshooting, the ATA not only governs the sport’s rules and regulations, but also seeks ways to enhance the sport and stimulate participation. The ATA provides trophies, financial assistance and event management support to the state and provincial associations. The ATA has also been instrumental in developing programs to increase interest in the sport with its creation of National Trapshooting Day, Satellite Grand Americans, Achievement Recognition and other valuable programs.

American Legion Junior Shooting Sports

The American Legion Junior Shooting Sports Program

The American Legion Junior Shooting Sports Program is a gun safety education and marksmanship program that encompasses the basic elements of safety, education, enjoyment and competition. Shooters use the .177 caliber air rifle. Both males and females can participate, through Legion sponsorship; disabled youth are encouraged to join, as competitive shooting is a sport that creates an equal playing field for all competitors. Contact your local Legion post, Sons of The American Legion squadron or Auxiliary unit for information about affiliating as a club or individual.

Bird Dogs ForeverBird Dogs Forever

If you are a bird hunter, you know that a hunt isn’t really a hunt unless you have the companionship and services of a well-trained hunting dog. Whether you call them bird dogs, gundogs, or hunting dogs, they all do our bidding and they are our friends. They may be pointers, setters, versatiles, spaniels or retrievers—they all do the same thing: They make the bird hunt successful and add to the overall enjoyment. Many bird hunters say they enjoy the dog work even more than the bagging of the bird.

Civilian Marksmanship Program

Civilian Marksmanship Program
(CMP) promotes firearms safety training and rifle practice for all qualified U.S. citizens with special emphasis on youth. The CMP operates through a network of affiliated shooting clubs and associations that covers every state in the US. The clubs and associations offer firearms safety training and marksmanship courses.

nssf collegiate shooting sports initiativeCollegiate Shooting Sports Initiative – NSSF
College is all about expanding your horizons and having new experiences. As an established shooter, you are well equipped to help your friends, classmates and faculty learn about target shooting and firearm safety. Just as other students and faculty members have done, you can help start a shooting club at your college.

Congressional Sportmen's Foundation

Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation
ensures that current and future generations of Americans will have the right and opportunity to hunt, trap, and fish by serving as the sportsman’s link to Congress.

cowboy fast draw associationCowboy Fast Draw Association

The Sport of Cowboy Fast Draw! The Cowboy Fast Draw Association, LLC is the largest organization devoted to the Sport of Fast Draw to ever exist. We have signed up over 3,000 members as of 2012. Our Motto is: Safety First, Fun Second and Competition Third. Not that our competitions aren’t important, we shoot hundreds of events a year for prize money, prizes and titles. It’s just that we place sportsmanship and fun above the competition itself, and place safety above all.

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association® is the Fastest Growing Equestrian Sport in the Nation. Mounted contestants compete in this fast action timed event using two .45 caliber single action revolvers each loaded with five rounds of specially prepared blank ammunition. The Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association “C.M.S.A.” has a variety of levels of competition for everyone, ranging from novice levels to the seasoned professional.

Daisy National BB Gun Championship Match

Daisy National BB Gun Championship Match

Ask any experienced hunter or accomplished firearms marksman how they took their first shot and, likely, they’ll tell you it was with a Daisy BB gun. And, if you ask the top match competition shooters today how they got started, they’ll probably tell you it was on a Daisy-sponsored 5-meter BB gun team. They may have earned a college scholarship or qualified for a position on a national team. Regardless of your goal, it all starts here…on a Daisy 5-meter BB gun team.

Deer hunters Club

Deer Hunters Club

Welcome to, your home for information and discussion about one of the oldest and greatest outdoor sports of all time: deer hunting. We have loads of deer hunting information available to help you be successful with your outdoor adventures. There are areas dedicated to wild game recipes, deer hunting gear reviews, outfitters, and tips to help you on your next deer hunt.



DOWN RANGE Television (DRTV) has quickly become the gold standard for Internet firearms sites. Founded in February 2007 by television personality and journalist Michael Bane and his partner Marshal Halloway founder of the first Internet firearms social community — CAS City — in 1995, DRTV offers original short-form video, original articles, moderated forums, gun giveaways, links to blogs and original weekly audio podcasts.


Field & Streams Guns The gun section of the web site for Field & Stream, the magazine

The gun section of the web site for Field & Stream, the magazine



gun and game

Gun and Game
The Friendlist Gun Forum on the Internet

gunbroker is an informative, detailed, secure and safe way to buy and sell firearms and hunting/shooting accessories. promotes responsible gun ownership. Ownership policies and regulations are followed using licensed firearms dealers as transfer agents. Currently has over 1.5 million registered users, with 400,000 auctions running at any time.  (Editor Note:  Gun Broker offers no way to call them and they have been so busy making money and not investing it in support that they can’t keep up with complaints and typical support issues. )


Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue.

Reviews and specifications to help you find your ideal firearm


Hunter’s Shooting Association
HunterShooter?, formerly known as Hunter’s Shooting Association?, is a sport organization promoting field marksmanship events, primarily for big game hunters. Participants use real-world equipment in simulated real-world scenarios.



International Defensive Pistol Association
The International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) is the governing body of a shooting sport that simulates self-defense scenarios and real life encounters. It was founded in 1996 as a response to the desires of shooters worldwide. The organization now boasts membership of more than 22,000, including members in 50 foreign countries.


International Practical Shooting Confederation
The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) was established to promote, maintain, improve and advance the sport of IPSC shooting, to safeguard its principles and to regulate its conduct worldwide in order to cultivate the safe, recreational use of firearms by persons of good character.

National 4-H Shooting Sports

National 4-H Shooting Sports Foundation

The focus of all 4-H programs is the development of youth as individuals and as responsible and productive citizens. The National 4-H Shooting Sports Program stands out as an example. Youth learn marksmanship, the safe and responsible use of firearms, the principles of hunting and archery, and much more. The activities of the program and the support of caring adult leaders provide young people with opportunities to develop life skills, self-worth, and conservation ethics.


National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association

The National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association exists to promote, support, nurture, and preserve NMLRA’s and our nation’s rich historical heritage in the sport of muzzleloading through recreational, educational, historical, and cultural venues such as match competition, hunting, gun making and safety, historical re-enactments, exhibits, museums, libraries, and other related programs.

National Rifle Association Competitive Shooting Programs
NRA’s Competitive Shooting Division offers a wide range of activities in all types of shooting, for everyone from the novice to the world-class competitor. The NRA sanctions over 11,000 shooting tournaments and sponsors over 50 national championships each year.

National Rifle Association Shooting Range Services
NRA Headquarters, shooting range services, find a local range. Yet another way to find a range using a query to a database based on picking a state from a drop-down list.


National Skeet Shooting Association and National Sporting Clays Association

In 1920, a group of American bird hunters started shooting clay targets to practice wingshooting, and thus began the game of Skeet. NSSA is the world’s largest organization dedicated to Skeet.

Sporting Clays is the closest thing to actual field shooting of all shotgun sports. Founded in 1989, NSCA is the premier Sporting Clays organization in the US, with members and clubs worldwide.


National Shooting Sports Foundation Range Resources
The National Association of Shooting Ranges, an NSSF supported web site.

National Wild Turkey Federation

National Wild Turkey Federation
The NWTF — a national nonprofit organization — is the leader in upland wildlife habitat conservation in North America


New Mexico Legislature Web Site
Important information regarding Bills, Agendas, New Mexico Statutes, Legislative Reports, News and Publications.

New Mexico Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife

New Mexico Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife

New Mexico Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife (NM-SFW) focuses on Habitat Protection, Enhancement, Responsible Predator Control and Reasonable Management of Hunters. These three issues combine to help produce the highest quality fish and game animals possible on public lands. SFW has emerged as the fastest-growing, most successful conservation group in America.

New Mexico Tech Shooting Club

North American Gun Dog AssociationNorth American Gun Dog Association
The North American Gun Dog Association was formed to provide bird dog owners the opportunity to hunt upland birds in a competition format. This activity can be enjoyed by friends and family of any age. It gives members the opportunity to improve their hunting skills and develop their dog’s instinctive abilities.

quality deer management association

Quality Deer Management Association

QDMA promotes sustainable, high quality white-tailed deer populations, wildlife habitats, and ethical hunting experiences through education, research, and management in partnership with hunters, landowners, natural resource professionals, and the public. Membership in the QDMA is open to anyone with an interest in the wise management of white-tailed deer. The time has come for all deer hunting enthusiasts, regardless of their choice of weapon or hunting technique, to unite and focus on the common thread that binds them all together – the love of deer hunting and the desire that future generations will be able to experience the great tradition of deer hunting.

Save The Guns list of State Firearm Associations. This is nicely organized with a high-level list of states that jumps into a longer list.

scholastic_clay_target_programScholastic Clay Target Program

The SCTP provides the opportunity for boys and girls in the elementary grades through high school to participate in the exciting and challenging sports of trap, skeet and sporting clays in a supportive environment taught by trained and supportive adult coaches focusing on the safe handling and use of firearms.



The Single Action Shooting Society

The Single Action Shooting Society is an international organization created to preserve and promote the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting™. SASS endorses regional matches conducted by affiliated clubs, stages END of TRAIL The World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting, promulgates rules and procedures to ensure safety and consistency in Cowboy Action Shooting matches, and seeks to protect its members’ 2nd Amendment rights. SASS members share a common interest in preserving the history of the Old West and competitive shooting.

Steel Challenge Club

The Steel Challenge Shooting Association is the membership organization chartered to grow and extend “speed-steel” shooting competition at the club level. It is the vehicle by which we intend to spread the “gospel” of steel shooting. Our vision is to build the SCSA into a network of affiliate clubs and individual members much as USPSA is structured. We are already finding non-USPSA clubs that have been shooting steel matches without the benefit of a supporting organization or that are excited to begin doing so.

usa_shootingUSA Shooting

USA Shooting, a 501c3 non-profit corporation, was chartered by the United States Olympic Committee as the National Governing Body for the sport of shooting in April 1995. The organization implements and manages development programs and sanctions events at the local, state, regional, and national levels.

Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, at the U.S. Olympic Training Center, USA Shooting has a full-time staff dedicated to furthering the sport and supporting athletes and members of the organization. The organization has a USA Shooting News magazine publication, as well as public and member specific web sites.

United States Practical Shooting Association
Practical shooting is a sport that evolved from experimentation with handguns used for self-defense. The researchers were an international group of private individuals, law enforcement officers, and military people generally operating independently of each other, challenging the then-accepted standards of technique, training practices, and equipment. The work was, for the most part, conducted for their own purposes without official sanction. Even so, what they learned changed the face of police and military training forever.


United States Practical Shooting Association Junior Program

USPSA Junior Program is devoted to providing a fun, safe, and educational shooting competition for our young members. We are motivated to help them build their shooting, and leadership skills while encouraging sportsmanship and community awareness. This program is available, free of charge, to all current USPSA Junior members through the age of 18.

Youth Shooting Sports AllianceYouth Shooting Sports Alliance
Introducing young people to the pleasures and responsibilities of shooting is our most important task in ensuring that our shooting and hunting traditions remain intact. The Youth Shooting Sports Alliance (YSSA) was organized to address two important challenges regarding the recruitment and retention of new shooters:


  • Identify and support the needs of successful and safe youth programs
  • Provide leadership in the development and promotion of family-friendly shooting range facilities to encourage continued participation in the shooting sports