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2022-23 NM Hunting Rules

Project Childsafe from the NSSF

Future NICS enhancement

Wanted to share the following mailing from the FBI regarding background checks on those 18-20yo. This is another baby step towards the loss of rights. This is the Biden administration. Look at how they sugar coat it by calling it an “enhancement”. Remember that, vote right!


As a result of the passage of the […]

IMPORTANT: NICS Denial Notification Act

For those of you who are unaware, the BATFE has been under constant pressure to come up with more and more limitations and rules, and this is the next round. Of my customers, 90% sail right through without a hitch. Less than 1% get denied, leaving about 9% who are delayed and usually are able […]

NMSSA Legislative Update February 4, 2022

After going through two committee substitutions, 2022 HB9, the proposed firearm storage bill, passed the House Judiciary Committee today on a 7-5 vote. One Democrat joined the Republicans on the committee in opposition to the bill. In the bill’s latest iteration, it has effectively become a proposed extension of New Mexico’s child endangerment statutes […]

Magazine ban being pushed in NM House

Possession of Certain Magazines = Felony

The Anti-Gun Left is at it again! New Mexico HB 156 is an overt attack on your Second Amendment rights. Radical Leftist Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballer is attempting to take possession of any magazine, which holds more than 15 cartridges, a felony.

Anyone who is convicted of a […]

ATF to Start Confiscating Triggers!

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is coming after certain aftermarket triggers starting now, according to leaked emails from the agency obtained by Gun Owners of America.

Specifically, ATF agents are going to start confiscating Rare Breed’s Forced Reset Triggers (FRTs) and BDU’s Wide Open Triggers on the grounds that they […]

New Mexico 15-Round Magazine Law – STOP IT NOW!

NMSSA Legislative Alert January 26, 2022

There are two legislative updates New Mexico gun owners need to be aware of and act on now. First, HB9, the mandatory storage bill was added to tomorrow’s House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee schedule at the last minute. The bill would impose fines and criminal penalties on […]

NMSSA Legislative Update January 24, 2022

We are about a week into the 2022 New Mexico Legislative Session and the politics in Santa Fe are already in full swing. This morning, the firearm owner liability bill, 2022 HB9, went through a procedural move where the House Rules and Order of Business Committee found that the bill was germane to the […]

First Gun Control Bill of 2022 Filed

We knew it was coming, but it’s finally been filed. The first gun-control bill of the 2022 New Mexico Legislative Session was just introduced this afternoon. HB9, “Unlawful Access to Firearm by Minor,” was filed by several Democrat legislators from Albuquerque. It is currently in the House Rules and Order of Business Committee while […]

Libtards Ban Gun Shows at Fairgrounds

Do you remember when the new NM Game Commissioner blocked coyote hunts on state land the moment she got in office? Not long after, she blocked hunting on the south end of town in the preserve due to “complaints”. How many of you complained at the blockage or did you just let another right get […]

Tell the Senate to Stop the Biden-Chipman Gun Grab!

We have already told you about David Chipman, the virulent anti-gunner who Joe Biden has nominated to run the ATF.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to have a vote on him this Thursday.

And that’s why I need you to contact your Senators once again — even if they are not on that […]