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To our members and supporters, thank you for standing with us this legislative session. We knew that there would be an assault on our right to keep and bear arms going into this year, but the attacks we have seen this year are the worst we have seen in New Mexico. Anti-gun politicians continue to abuse their power by playing games with committee scheduling, by filing multiple versions of the same bill to make us fight each one, and by breaking the rules of floor debate to ram through their agenda. And those are just the tactics they use to push legislation that ignores criminals and targets regular, law-abiding New Mexicans. Two bills that focus on criminals, one that would increase the penalty for using a firearm in the commission of a crime and one that would increase the state penalty for a felon caught in possession of a firearm, haven’t even received a hearing in their first committee. It is clear that law-abiding gun owners, not the criminals who terrorize New Mexico with near impunity, are the target this legislative session.

We are at the half-way point of the session now; while this fight can be exhausting and time consuming, we need to push back even harder than we have before. But we also need more hard-working, honest New Mexicans to stand with us. Could you please forward this message onto your friends? Encourage them to get in this fight with us. Trying to make us feel helpless and give up has been the modus operandi of our opponents – but NMSSA will refuse to back down or give up.

Z. Fort

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