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2022-23 NM Hunting Rules

Project Childsafe from the NSSF

Victory in Court Today! TRO Granted

Today in Federal Court in Albuquerque, the Federal Judge presiding over our case granted us a Temporary Restraining Order against the Governor’s unconstitutional order banning the carrying of firearms in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County. The order is effective today as of 2:55pm.

This was a win today, but the case is far from over. […]

New Mexico governor issues order to suspend open and concealed carry of guns in Albuquerque

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on Friday issued an emergency order suspending the right to carry firearms in public across Albuquerque and the surrounding county for at least 30 days in response to a spate of gun violence.

The Democratic governor said she expects legal challenges but was […]

Governor Grisham Doubles Down on Dumb

I guess when she isn’t sexually attacking her aides, she thinks taking away your 2A rights is tops of her agenda. She lists her accomplishments which anyone else would see as anti-Consititution, but what does she care. Colin is right on for calling this idiot out.

NMSSA Legislative Update – The 2023 Session is Over


At noon today, the 2023 New Mexico Legislative Session came to a close. Only one bill, HB9, passed. See below for more details on that bill. All the other anti-gun bills we were fighting against died. That list includes proposed bans on magazines and guns, waiting periods, age restrictions, FFL and gun manufacturer […]

NMSSA Legislative Update 3/16/23


We have less than two days left in this year’s legislative session. Today, SB428 was passed out of the House Judiciary Committee, but it was amended. The amendments were not good ones, but they force the bill to travel back to the senate for concurrence if it passes the house side. That was […]

NMSSA Legislative Update 3/15/23


We have less than three days left in the 2023 Legislative Session. What happens in the coming hours will determine what legislation passes, or fails to pass. Here are the bills we are tracking as the session comes to a close. If a bill is not listed here, it is not quite dead […]

NMSSA Legislative Update 3/10/23


Here is where we stand with just eight days left to go in this year’s legislative session. If a bill is not listed here, while it isn’t dead yet, its path to passing has significantly narrowed with the clock running down. Nevertheless, we continue to monitor all gun bills and will send updates […]

NMSSA Legislative Update 3/8/23


There are now just ten days left in the 2023 legislative session. On the house side, HB9, the bill that would impose criminal penalties on a gun owner if a third-party minor uses their gun to commit a crime or injure someone, wasn’t voted on by the floor today. We expect it to […]

NMSSA Legislative Update3/5/23


We now have less than two weeks to go in the 2023 New Mexico Legislative Session. We found out today that HB101 will be not heard in the House Judiciary Committee on Monday, but it could be heard later in the week, so be on the lookout for our alerts. The bill would […]

NMSSA Legislative Update3/3/23


This afternoon, the Senate Floor schedule was shifted around to put HB9, the bill that would impose criminal penalties on a gun owner if a third-party minor used their gun to commit a crime or hurt someone, at the top of the agenda. Senator Neville was able to win one good amendment on […]