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Yes, they are coming for your guns

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We have always known anti-gun politicians in New Mexico wanted to take away our firearms, that has been their goal all along with every bill introduced and law passed, but today they took a giant step forward. In HB101, which was filed today by Representative Andrea Romero, if you own a semi-automatic rifle you would have to destroy it or surrender it to the state by July 1 of this year or you would be committing a felony. The bill also makes it a felony to own a magazine that holds more than 9 rounds.

Their agenda is explicit, they want to take away your firearms. If this seems like hyperbole, please take the time to read the text of the bill linked in this email.

We encourage everyone to take the time now to contact your state representative and senator. Tell them you are opposed to HB9, HB50, HB72 and HB101.



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