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2023-24 NM Hunting Rules

Project Childsafe from the NSSF

NM Department of Game and Fish Upcoming Events – February 2024

Upcoming Events – Feb. 2024

The Department is excited to host various public events in the upcoming months.

Please check out these opportunities to build your skills.

You can see all of the Department’s upcoming events on our website.

Don’t wait, sign up for a hunter education class today! […]

Urge State Rep Kathleen Cates To Oppose Governor’s Extreme Gun Control Plans

She needs to be told to oppose HB 114, 127, 129, 137 and the Gun Ban and Magazine Limit Bill.

Rep. Kathleen Cates


First Gun Control Bills will be heard on Tuesday 1/23

On Tuesday the 23rd, the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee will be hearing two gun control bills. HB27, the red-flag law expansion which would allow police and “healthcare providers” to initiate a red-flag gun confiscation order against someone and allow police to obtain a search warrant under the civil order, will be heard […]

The 2024-25 NM Big Game Draw Application is OPEN!!!

The 2024-2025 Big Game Draw application is open! We are here to help you get ready! APPLY HERE FOR THE NEW 2024-2025 HUNTING RULES BOOK, CLICK HERE!


The 2024 NM Legislative Session has Started

Today, the 2024 New Mexico Legislative Session officially started. The governor wasted no time attacking out rights in her State of the State speech. She has made it clear that once again she is targeting your right to own a firearm while ignoring New Mexico’s broken criminal justice system. This year is a 30-day […]

NM Gov. Grisham 2024 Gun Control Package Is Insane

NM Gov. Grisham 2024 Gun Control Package Is Insane from Colin Noir

More Gun Bills Filed New Mexico Legislature 2024

As we approach the start of the 2024 New Mexico Legislative Session, there are more bills we want to make you aware of. First, while we don’t have a bill number yet, Senator Cervantes has said that he will again file a firearm waiting period bill. The bill would require a 14 Business Day […]

Second Amerndment Day Rally – Santa Fe NM 2/3

Second Amerndment Day Rally Santa Fe NM