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NMSSA Legislative Update February 4, 2022

New Mexico Shooting Sports Association - NRA Sanctioned Organization

After going through two committee substitutions, 2022 HB9, the proposed firearm storage bill, passed the House Judiciary Committee today on a 7-5 vote. One Democrat joined the Republicans on the committee in opposition to the bill. In the bill’s latest iteration, it has effectively become a proposed extension of New Mexico’s child endangerment statutes – but one targeted solely at gun owners. As of the writing of this report, the version of the bill that passed the House Judiciary Committee has not been made available on the legislature’s website, but it is supposed to be posted this weekend. The next scheduled stop for the bill is the House Appropriations and Finance Committee, the contact info for the committee members is at the bottom of this email.

If New Mexico’s Child Endangerment Statutes need to be amended, the changes should be made with regard to all the dangers a child faces, not just targeted at gun owners. Ignoring the causes of most accidental child deaths to focus only on firearm related ones is an attempt to stigmatize guns and make someone afraid to own one. There is nothing in the bill about education or training to prevent an incident from happening, it only brings charges after an incident has occurred.

We commend Representative Nibert from Roswell for his defense of our rights during the committee debate on the bill. He correctly observed that just because federal law prohibits a minor from purchasing a firearm and owning a handgun, it does not prohibit a minor from owning a long gun. Likewise New Mexico law only prohibits a minor from owning a handgun, the statute also does not mention long guns. Even several of the committee members who voted to pass the bill noted this could be a problem for the bill going forward.

If you are a gun owner with children in your home, we encourage you seek out education and training specific to your needs. The NRA Eddie Eagle Program has resources for both parents and children. If you do not own a gun lock, but would like one, NSSF Project ChildSafe gives them out for free through partnerships with police departments in many communities. Their website has a list of New Mexico partners.

House Appropriations and Finance Committee – this is the next stop for HB9, we are OPPOSED to the bill.

Patricia A. Lundstrom – (D) (505) 986-4316

Nathan P. Small – (D) – (505) 986-4319

Anthony Allison – (D) (505) 986-4436

Phelps Anderson – (DTS) (505) 986-4709

Gail Armstrong – (R) (505) 986-4227

Cathrynn N. Brown – (R) (505) 986-4227

Ambrose Castellano – (D) (505) 986-4236

Jack Chatfield – (R) (505) 986-4467

Randal S. Crowder – (R) (505) 986-4215

Meredith A. Dixon – (D) (505) 986-4210

Candy Spence Ezzell – (R) (505) 986-4454

Harry Garcia – (D) (505) 986-4233

Dayan Hochman-Vigil – (D) (505) 986-4432

T. Ryan Lane – (R) (505) 986-4221 RYAN@LANEFORLIBERTY.COM

Raymundo Lara – (D) (505) 986-4233

Debra M. Sariñana – (D) (505) 986-4436

Candie G. Sweetser – (D) (505) 986-4255

Christine Trujillo – (D) (505) 986-4435

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