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NMSSA Legislative Alert: It’s Back, They Want to Make the Gun Confiscation Law Worse

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The rumors are correct, two of the authors of the original red-flag, gun confiscation law, Representatives Ely and Garratt are back with proposed amendments to the bill – to make it even worse. Frustrated that the initial law has hardly been used – which has frustrated our efforts to bring a lawsuit against the law – Ely and Garratt want to make it easier to take away your rights.

HB193, an amendment to the red-flag, “extreme-risk,” gun confiscation law would allow a police officer to request the order directly. Keep in mind that no crime has to be committed, or alleged to have been committed, for the order to be issued. The order would allow the police officer to search the home of the defendant and seize any firearms the officer finds.

The red-flag gun confiscation order has been a failure, as has every gun-control law passed in New Mexico. No one has been made safer, we only have fewer rights to show for it. Rather than making a bad thing worse, we need to repeal the red-flag law to protect New Mexicans civil liberties.

The bill has been assigned to the House Consumer and Public Affairs and House Judiciary Committees. It should also be noted that HB166, the proposed ban on self-made firearms, is also currently sitting in the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee. Below is the contact information for members of the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee..

Liz Thompson (D) (505) 986-4425

Andrea Romero (D) (email listed on the legislature’s website) (505) 986-4243

Brittney Barreras (D)  BRITTNEYFORNEWMEXICO@GMAIL.COM (email listed on the legislature’s website) (505) 986-4248

Stefani Lord (R) (505) 986-4453

Randall Pettigrew (R) (505) 986-4467

As always, we ask that you remain respectful when contacting our state legislators. There is no evidence this law has made anyone safer, we only have fewer rights to show for it.

Zac Fort

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