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We are quickly approaching the half-way point of the 2021 Legislative Session, which means the work is just getting started and the pace will soon quicken. Days after HB166, the proposed ban on home-made firearms, was passed by the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee, the committee substitution bill was finally released to the public. It’s still a terrible bill. While the penalties for a hobbyist making their own firearm have been reduced to a misdemeanor from a felony, the bill still targets those who wish to exercise their freedoms and turns a blind-eye to the criminal class. It’s worth noting that there are zero bills aimed at reducing New Mexico’s nation leading property crime rates – one of the main sources of firearms for criminals. So just like the past two sessions, vindictive, money-chasing politicians are focusing their attacks on the rights of ordinary folks and ignoring the real issues that plague our state. HB166 is now headed to the House Judiciary Committee, we will let you know when it will be heard there.

Another bill you should be aware of is HB279 from Representatives Lord, Black, Rehm, Montoya, and Townsend. The bill would formally codify that gun stores and firearms training are “essential” businesses and activities and exempt them from any current or future government-mandated “non-essential” business closures. We took the governor to court last spring over her health order to force her to modify her order to exempt gun stores. This bill would codify that gun stores and firearms training are exempt from closure in current and future orders. The bill is currently in the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee.

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