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WE NEED YOU: SB5 to the Senate Floor

NMSSA Legislative Update

Last night, we saw a freedom hating coalition of gun grabbers force through a so called “amended” version of Red Flag Law through Senate Judiciary Committee. Despite our allies’s pushback and a strong patriot showing, the radicals in Santa Fe are determined to take your rights.

So how do we stop them? Senate Bill 5 now goes to the Senate Floor for a vote; likely on Friday (2/7). We need YOU to call the following Senators. We have determined these 9 Senators will be the deciding votes who can stop this bill. As elected officials who represent moderate constituencies, we need to remind them that our Second Amendment rights do not sway with the political tide.

Senator Shannon Pinto 
Senate District 3
(505) 986-4835

Senator Richard Martinez
Senate District 5
(505) 986-4487

Senator Roberto “Bobby” Gonzales
Senate District 6 
(505) 986-4362

Senator Pete Campos
Senate District 8
(505) 986-4311

Senator John Sapien
Senate District 9
(505) 986-4301

Senator Gabriel Ramos
Senate District 28
(505) 986-4863

Clemente Sanchez
Senate District 30
(505) 986-4513

Senator John Arthur Smith
Senate District 35
(505) 986-4365

Senator Mary Kay Papen
Senate District 38
 (505) 986-4733

Call them TODAY and let them know you will not stand for this dangerous and unconstitutional bill that would strip away our God-given rights.

It’s only with your voice that we can stop this bill in its tracks. 

For New Mexico,

Zac Fort
President, NMSSA

Reasons to Oppose Red Flag: 

1. No due process – guns would be taken before the gun owner would be able to defend them self in court.

2. Taking away Second-Amendment rights without being charged with a crime – someone could potentially lose their right to own a firearm for the rest of their life without ever being charged with a crime.

3. Doesn’t help people in distress – the police would show up and take their guns, someone in distress would not be connected to mental health resources and would keep any non-firearm weapons.

4. No right to public defense – unless you can afford an attorney to represent you, you will not receive one.

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