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Shooting competitors zero in on perfection during clinic


Piedra Vista rifle team members Amoret McCartney, left, and Josephine John zone in on square targets during the second day of the Civilian Marksmanship Program Clinic Saturday at the high school. (Photo: Matt Hollinshead, The Daily Times)

By Matt Hollinshead, Daily Times – Three-day clinic took place at Piedra Vista High School – FARMINGTON – The smallest adjustments can make the biggest difference in taking the perfect shot. The two dozen San Juan County students who aspire to reach the big stage in the sport of rifle shooting made specific improvements in their technique, thanks to the three-day Civilian Marksmanship Program Clinic at Piedra Vista High School, which ended today. “We wanted to come and reach this pocket of shooters because there’s a lot of talent in this area. They have really embraced the training we’ve been giving,” CMP camp director Sommer Wood said, adding this was the organization’s first trip to Farmington. Click here to read the complete article.

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