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Louisiana Tells Anti-Gun Banks They’re Out

OK, why am I posting an article about Louisiana?  It isn’t about Louisiana, it is about keeping in mind what businesses we will support, and that includes your banks.  If you remember back a few years, Bank of America was giving home loans to illegals.  Now they are at it again, together with Citigroup.  Do you want to do business with these financial behemoths?

Two of the nation’s largest banks—ones that wanted to do what was politically expedient after the school shooting in Parkland, Fla.—have found out that it’s going to cost them some business. Louisiana’s State Bond Commission recently voted 7-6 to bar Citigroup Inc. and Bank of America from taking part in a $600 million project to improve Interstate 10 and some smaller projects.

Attorney General Jeff Landry and State Treasurer John Schroder had been working on the state’s response to corporate gun control “for some time,” according to state Executive Division Press Secretary Ruth Wisher. Blocking the banks from a share of the road and airport improvements is the first visible step.

“As treasurer and chairman of the Bond Commission it is one of my duties to help hire financial professionals and not necessarily social engineers,” Schroder said. The two banks, in the months after the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, made it clear that they want to impose their anti-Second Amendment sentiment on everyone with whom they do business. Citigroup, for example, announced it would cut business ties with retailers that sell “high-capacity” magazines. Bank of America, meanwhile, pulled out of lending money to gun manufacturers that make modern sporting rifles like the AR-15.

“I personally believe the policies of these banks are an infringement on the rights of Louisiana citizens,” Schroder said in a statement. “As a veteran and former member of law enforcement, I take the Second Amendment very seriously.”

If banks that took public money when they almost went belly-up during the subprime mortgage crisis think they can just wantonly discount American rights, it looks like they’ve got another think coming. Thank you, Louisiana. It’s nice to see a state stand up to a bully.

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