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Knife Attack At Police Headquarters in Paris Leaves 4 Dead

OK, this isn’t a New Mexico story, or even directly related.  I couldn’t help posting this after seeing just how idiotic gun control is, or in this case, knife control.  An employee of the PD was able to kill 4 others right at the PD with a KNIFE.   When four members of the PD aren’t even able to protect themselves against a knife wielder, what about a person with a gun.

We think gun control is idiotic, in France you can’t carry a knife without a professional reason!!!!

Four people are dead following a knife attack Thursday at the police headquarters in Paris, France.

The victims include three police officers and an administrative worker, NBC News is reporting.

Authorities believe the perpetrator of the attack was a 45-year-old IT employee for the department, who worked there for approximately 16 years.

Responding officers eventually shot and killed the attacker before he could wound or kill more people. No motive has been established as of yet.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo mourned the loss on Twitter, writing, “Paris cries for its own this afternoon after this terrible attack at the @prefpolice. Heavy casualties, several police officers lost their lives. On my behalf and that of Parisians, my first thoughts go to the families of the victims and their loved ones.”

She added, “During the Paris Council, we will pay tribute to the victims and will salute the unfailing commitment of police forces serving the security of Parisians. We know what we owe them.”

France prohibits one from carrying a knife on their person unless its “for good reason,” meaning it’s directly related to their profession, according to Wikipedia. Police also have full power to declare any knife a prohibited item and subsequently confiscate it.

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