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Gun Laws Don’t Protect Citizens, Secret Service Agent Says

Even though former law enforcement officers are legally authorized to carry a concealed gun in New York City, Dan Bongino says he still worries about what would happen if he had to use his gun to defend himself there.

It’s not enough for a person to just research the laws of any state or city they visit, Bongino tells Grant Stinchfield on an NRATV program, because someone can still get caught up in legal problems. Bongino says he has all the necessary paperwork, but he’s scared to carry in New York City because the laws are so Draconian and he fears being caught up in some kind of legal or administrative hassle. Hence, the need for Congress to pass the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017.

He reminds people who carry that even if the Act passes, one still has to be aware of some local laws, such as magazine capacity restrictions, that would still hold sway in jurisdictions.

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