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City of Albuquerque Passes New Anti-Gun Ordinances

Albuquerque City Council passed three new city ordinances that directly effect you as a gun owner, concealed carry permit holder, and your friends and family. These ordinances are for the City of Albuquerque, and go into effect five days after publication by title and general summary.

Ordinance 0-19-82

Adding A New Section To Chapter 12, Article 2 Of The Revised Ordinances Of Albuquerque Relating To Responsible Firearm Storage (Davis)

Link to Ordinance

Ordinance 0-19-83

New Section “31” To Chapter 12, Article 2 Of The Revised Ordinances Of Albuquerque To Prohibiting Firearms At City Facilities (Davis, Benton, Gibson)

Link to Ordinance

Ordinance 0-19-84

Chapter Twelve, Article Two, Section Twenty-Nine Of The Revised Ordinances Of Albuquerque Offenses Relating To Public Order And Safety Within The Criminal Code Of Albuquerque To Proscribe Criminal Threats Of Mass Violence (Davis)

Link to Ordinance

Who voted for Davis, who voted for these people, did you talk to your friends and neighbors about these people?  

2 comments to City of Albuquerque Passes New Anti-Gun Ordinances

  • Frederick Behnken

    The ordinance prohibiting carry on city property from our perception does violate the State Constitution. The authors of this ordinance use”reasonable” as their justification for the prohibition. It restricts permit holders and licensed security officers. So what is the purpose of these licenses if you cant do what your licensed to do? More gun Free Zones from criminal preditation.

    We already have a law “Negligent Use of a Deadly Weapon”, and several laws dealing with endangering children. Enough to set a workable standard. Are these laws enforced? If they were, would they get the results that are touted in the premeble of the ordinances.

    New Mexico has becoame a “catch and release state” with no use of the law as it should be. Until our leaders gain the intelligence to handle the large macro economic problems of poverty and crime in this state laws like thse will have little positive effect.

  • I l russell

    I did not see where a concealed carry license person could not carry on public property

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