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NMSSA NEEDS YOU!  2014 brings a great opportunity to re-invigorate NMSSA.

 We will start with the Annual Meeting.  This is not your ordinary annual meeting.  It will be an “event” held at the Macey Center on the New Mexico Tech campus in Socorro on February 15.  Socorro Gun Club graciously stepped forward to host the meeting and to provide an exciting program (attached).  Please note that all registrations will be handled by Socorro Gun Club.  Along with the agenda is a list of hotels – as we hope you will stay over for the fun shoot on Sunday (weather permitting).  We sincerely hope that the more central location and expanded program will interest you and make it easier for you to attend.  WE NEED YOU to come have fun with us!



You will notice that we have a keynote speaker for the early evening banquet.  We are incredibly lucky to have gotten a commitment from the past president of NRA, Ron Schmeits.  In addition, there are informative workshops and a tour of the New Mexico Tech explosives facility where Myth Busters has filmed!  Besides being a TV filming location, EMERTC is a world-renowned explosive research facility.  There will also be raffles and door prizes.  WE NEED YOU to make this meeting a success.

During the NMSSA Annual Meeting, elections will be held as well as a vote on changes to our bylaws so that they will better serve our organization.  If you have an interest in running for elected office, please contact Rick Davis at We have 5 officers and 29 executive officers who chair the various committees listed at
If you have an interest in an area and do not wish to be an officer of our organization, please contact the person holding that position and offer your services.

NMSSA NEEDS YOU to help protect our Second amendment rights.  As you well know, our rights have been under attack for the last several years, with the greatest effects being felt in 2013.  House Bill 77 was the major rights infringement culprit – but with the help of many NMSSA members who took time to write/email/call their representatives in Santa Fe – and many who appeared in at the Roundhouse to testify, we fended off that poor piece of legislation.  House Bill 44 is the 2014 version of that same bill that has been pre-filed by Representative Miguel Garcia.  We don’t know yet if it or other bills will reach the floor but we are watching carefully.  The more email addresses we have, the quicker we can get information out to you about what is going on in the legislature and around the country regarding your gun rights.

NMSSA NEEDS YOU to help grow our Association.  If you haven’t renewed your membership, please do so at

Please ask your gun club to send out requests for membership and ask your family and friends to join.  Our bank account is meager and we need funds to wage the fight against the anti-gunners.  Did you know that many of the anti-gun representatives are paid as much as $100 a day to attend state legislative hearings?  We cannot afford to pay for appearances or travel, but we do need funds to identify us as NMSSA members and friends and to send letters to the legislators.  We also fund the website and various lobbying activities.  If you are a life member, please consider being a “sustaining” member and make a donation to fund our fight.

NMSSA NEEDS YOU to give us your email address.  Our newsletter and all political notifications must be made by email – as snail mail to all our members is too expensive and too slow.

NMSSA NEEDS YOU to care.  Our organization has been nearly dormant recently, but being under fire from the anti-gunners should cause us all to rise to the challenge.  We must act sooner rather than later.  Please join us!

    • Details of the 2014 annual “event” can be found at
    • The slate of officers can be found at
    •  If your membership has expired, please renew it (and you can renew for multiple years).  The membership form can be found at
    •  An electronic donation button can be found at
    •  If you have equipment or ammo to donate contact
    •   Get involved!


Gayle Dye, Vice President
New Mexico Shooting Sports Association

DIRECTIONS to MACEY CENTER   –  (801 Leroy Pl SocorroNM 87801)

From Albuquerque or Las Cruces, take I-25 to Exit 150.  Exit 150 will put you on California Street, Socorro’s main artery, facing south.  Continue south to the second stop light at Bullock Street.  Turn right at Bullock Street.  Pass three stop signs and you will enter the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology campus.  As the road curves left, you will see the Macey Center parking lot, and Macey Center itself, on the right.  Parking is free.

HOTELS:  – (You can also check

Holiday Inn Express (about $114 per night)
1040 North California Street  Socorro ,  New Mexico   87801  (800)315-2621

Best Western (about $90 per night)
1100 California St, Socorro, NM 87801  (575) 838-0556

Comfort Inn (about $90 per night)
1259 Frontage Rd, NW Socorro, NM  (575) 838-4400

San Miguel Inn  (about $50 per night)
916 California Ave. NE, Socorro, NM 87801  (575) 835-0211

America’s Best Value Inn (about $60 per night)
1009 N California St, Socorro, NM 87801  (575)-835-0276


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