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2019-20 NM Hunting Rules

Project Childsafe from the NSSF

2018 NRA New Mexico Champions



Conventional Prone Smallbore Rifle

Virginia McLemore 3197-228X

Outdoor Metric Prone

Virginia McLemore 2316-79X

Precision Air Rifle Standing

Michael Dietz 574

High Power Rifle

Ron Zerr 785-23X

High Power Rifle – Mid Range

Bill Elliott (F-Class) 1180-38X

Air Pistol

Haley Dietz 458


Congratulations to all of the State Champions!

BTW, there were MANY categories in which there wasn’t a New Mexico Champion.  Either no championship was held in the State, no one qualified or ??  Lets try and bring more ribbons to New Mexico.  If you compete in any of these categories, please work with your clubs and organizations to hold a championship so New Mexico can be recognized.  As an aside, for many of the categories, only a few states were listed which means there are many other states holding less championships.  Here is the list of categories and the number of states that did have a champion:





Air Rifle 3-Position Precision – 2

Air Rifle 3-Position Sporter – 1

BB Gun – 5

High Power Rifle – Long Range – 9

Fullbore – 1

Black Powder Target Rifle – 2

Outdoor Precision Pistol – 19

Indoor Precision Pistol – 9

Action Pistol – 1

International Pistol – 2

Silhouette High Power Rifle/Hunting Rifle – 2

Silhouette Smallbore Rifle/Smallbore Hunting Rifle – 6

Silhouette Black Powder Cartridge Rifle  (Iron and Scope) – 2

Silhouette Hunter’s Pistol – 2

Silhouette Hunter’s Pistol Metallic – 2

Silhouette Smallbore Hunter’s Pistol – 2

Silhouette Smallbore Hunter’s Pistol Metallic -2

Silhouette Smallbore Lever Action Rifle – 5

Silhouette Lever Action – 3

Silhouette Pistol Cartridge Lever Action – 4

Silhouette Smallbore Cowboy Rifle – 3

Seems NM doesn’t compete in silhouette at all as we had no champions in the 11 categories.  I know they shoot silhouette at Zia but they don’t have a sanctioned competition?

For full results, see the results here



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