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Shooting competitors zero in on perfection during clinic


Piedra Vista rifle team members Amoret McCartney, left, and Josephine John zone in on square targets during the second day of the Civilian Marksmanship Program Clinic Saturday at the high school. (Photo: Matt Hollinshead, The Daily Times)

By Matt Hollinshead, Daily Times – Three-day clinic took place at Piedra Vista High School – FARMINGTON – The smallest adjustments can make the biggest difference in taking the perfect shot. The two dozen San Juan County students who aspire to reach the big stage in the sport of rifle shooting made specific improvements in their technique, thanks to the three-day Civilian Marksmanship Program Clinic at Piedra Vista High School, which ended today. “We wanted to come and reach this pocket of shooters because there’s a lot of talent in this area. They have really embraced the training we’ve been giving,” CMP camp director Sommer Wood said, adding this was the organization’s first trip to Farmington. Click here to read the complete article.

Vista Outdoors Savage Youth Shooting Sports Sales Program

Youth Shooting Sports Leaders,

Savage Arms is pleased to continue to support youth programs across the country with its Savage Youth Shooting Sports Sales Program. This offers qualified youth programs the opportunity to purchase Savage Arms products at a discounted rate (40% off MSRP) for the qualified youth programs. Please refer to the attached document for program details.


Spring Shotshell Program – We will again be offering our Top Gun 12ga and 20 ga shotshells for our Spring Program. We are also looking to add our new Federal Premium Gold Medal Grand 12ga load as well.

***Ordering will be open Dec, 15th 2017 – Jan, 15th 2018***

Spring Rimfire Program – We will again be offering our Federal AM22 and our CCI#35 rimfire ammunition for our Spring Program.

***Ordering will be open March 1st – 22nd 2018***

Shoot Straight,

Jon Zinnel

Education & Conservation Outreach

Vista Outdoor


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NRA Youth Wildlife Art Contest

NRA Youth Wildlife Art Contest

The NRA is hosting its annual Youth Wildlife Art Contest and invites your children to showcase their artistic talent. The contest is open to all students in grades 1-12 and offers many opportunities for prizes.

Entries must portray any North American game bird or animal that may be legally hunted or trapped. Endangered species and non-game animals are not eligible.

First, second, and third place winners will be selected based on categories and will be awarded $750, $500, and $250. The Best in Show award winner will also receive a $1,000 prize.

Contest starts September 1, 2017 and ends October 31, 2017.

For more information, please visit

Governor declares Saturday, Sept. 23, National Hunting and Fishing Day in New Mexico

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Governor declares Saturday, Sept. 23,
National Hunting and Fishing Day in New Mexico

SANTA FE – Each year hunters and anglers contribute more than $579 million dollars to the state’s economy, providing the funding necessary to manage New Mexico’s wildlife for the benefit of our citizens and future generations.

In honor of the sportsmen and women’s contributions to wildlife conservation, Governor Susana Martinez issued a proclamation, declaring Saturday, Sept. 23 National Hunting and Fishing Day (NHFD) in New Mexico.

Saturday, the department will celebrate NHFD with a day of free fishing in New Mexico. All anglers, residents and nonresidents, may fish free on public waters statewide. No one needs a license or stamp, although bag limits and all other fishing rules apply.

Whether you feel like testing the waters for the first time or you are an old hand at fishing, it’s the perfect time to get out and make a cast or two at lakes and streams across New Mexico.

If you’re looking for a fun family event, the Village of Pecos is having its first annual Fishing Expo from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Monastery Lake, just up the canyon from the village. The free event will feature food, prizes for kids and several exhibitors, including the Department of Game and Fish.

For more information about places to fish on Saturday, check out this week’s Fishing and Stocking Report, available on the department website,


Governor's proclamation

Hearing Protection Act MOVES OUT OF COMMITTEE

The Hearing Protection Act was incorporated into the H.R. 3668 The Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act of 2017, or SHARE ACT which was passed by the House Natural Resources Committee yesterday. This means it will move to the House Floor for a vote. The date has yet to be determined.

Committee Passes Sportsmen’s Legislation

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 13, 2017 -Today, the House Committee on Natural Resources passed H.R. 3668, the “Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act of 2017” or “SHARE Act.” This bipartisan bill expands opportunities for hunting, fishing, and recreational shooting; increases safety and hearing protection for sportsmen and women; and protects Second Amendment rights. Chairman Rob Bishop (R-UT) issued the following statement:   

“The SHARE Act removes bureaucratic roadblocks that inhibit Americans’ access to outdoor sporting activities on federal lands and reigns in federal encroachment on Second Amendment rights. Members also adopted important amendments that improve upon this package, including provisions to address cumbersome permitting processes for guides and outfitters, which will result in more jobs and more Americans recreating outdoors. I look forward to advancing this package through the House and working with our Senate colleagues on a final bill that can be signed into law.”  

Click here for more information on the SHARE Act.

Click here to view more information on today’s markup.

Contact: Committee Press Office 202-226-9019


The effort to deregulate of silencers has reached an important milestone: The Hearing Protection Act has made it out of committee, and been incorporated as part of another larger bill. House Resolution 3668 – the Sportsmen Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act – has been introduced to the House floor with a new subsection, Title XV, Hearing Protection. The new subsection provides for the change in classification of silencers from NFA items to standard firearms such as long guns, just like the HPA. Its text is reproduced at the bottom of this post.

Also included in the SHARE Act is another subsection, Title XVI, which, among other things, would allow the importation of any firearm or ammunition legal for sale in the US, and prevent the classification of common rifle ammunition as “armor piercing” pistol ammunition by the ATF. This subsection also includes provisions to ease importation of weapons for the purposes of experimentation, personal weapons being re-imported from other countries, and curios. It also includes a provision to protect shotguns from being classified as destructive devices, even if they are not considered “sporting” weapons. Finally, the subsection includes a provision to further protect the temporary transfer of lawful firearms across state lines, by removing the “sporting purposes” proviso from Title 18, 922(a)(5)(B), (a)(9), and (b)(3)(B).

NM Sportsmen 2018 Calendar Raffle Fundraiser

2018 Calendar Raffle Fundraiser
Upcoming changes to our 2018 Calendar Raffle Fundraiser:
Calendars are now only
$25 each!
Prize changes will be as follows:
  • 1st place prize given away every Wednesday
  • 20 – $250 Sportsman’s Warehouse Gift Card
  • 20 – $250 Cabela’s Gift Card
  • 2 – San Juan River Rainbow Lodge Fishing Trip
  • 2 – Ruger American Rifle
  • 2 – Savage Axis Rifle
  • 2 – Remington 783 Rifle
  • 2 – Smith & Wesson Shield Pistol
  • 2 – AR-15 Rifle
Calendars are only available to purchase online.
Calendars purchased before November 1st, 2017 will automatically be entered to win a New Mexico Broken Horn Oryx Hunt on the Armendaris Ranch!

Ammunition Selection for the SASP

Would you like to learn more about how to select ammunition to use in the Scholastic Action Shooting Program? Watch the chapter outlining how to choose your ammo for use in the SASP on our YouTube channel as SSSF board member, Tom Yost talks bullets.

This chapter comes from a two-hour educational video geared toward coaches, parents and athletes interested in getting started in the SASP.

The video covers all aspects of the program including safety, equipment selection, action shooting fundamentals, coaching new athletes, the SASP competition format, season planning, and much more!

Capitan .22 rifle clinic

The .22 rifle clinic is this weekend in Capitan (Sept 16-7). We are planning on 3 groups (subjuniors in F Class (under 12 yrs), adult F Class, and advanced 3-position/prone shooters). The NMT students and others will be camping out at the range and everyone is welcome to join us. Someone will be there Friday afternoon. A Motel is available in Capitan but it is hunting season so don’t wait. I have attached the announcement with a preliminary schedule and check list of equipment. Ammunition is available for free to juniors (or juniors can bring their own ammo, especially for the Sunday competition). The fee is $10, which covers materials, a cookout, and instruction.

It is not too late to join us, but let me know ASAP so I have enough food and materials. Please pass this email on to anyone you may think will be interested. The weather looks great and the Capitan Range has a new improved cover over the firing line. If you need any gear or rifles please let me know by Thursday.


The Capitan Gun Range is on Hgwy 380, east of Capitan. The link is

I also have attached the program for the metric regional in Albuquerque October 14-15, 2017

See you this weekend or sometime on the range









SATURDAY September 16-17, 2017, 8 AM on Sat, prone competition firing starts at 8:30 AM on Sun (see below)


CAPITAN GUN RANGE. The range is located 3 miles east of Capitan on the north side of U.S. Highway 380 ( Camping is OK on the Capitan Range.  No water is available at this time.  The following motel is available in Capitan:  Smokey Bear Motel, 575 354-2253.  Other lodging is available throughout Lincoln Country.  On the web:


FEE $10 (includes cook out on Sat and match fees on Sunday and handouts). Additional funding is provided by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Capitan Gun Club, New Mexico Tech Shooting Sports Club, Civilian Marksmanship Program.


All students will receive expert instruction and coaching in the fundamental principles and techniques of prone and 3- position .22 rifle shooting (i.e., prone, standing, kneeling), which will carry over to air rifle and highpower rifle shooting. Prone only and F Class shooters are encouraged to attend. Students will be provided a safe learning environment that will enhance their shooting skills and prepare them for competition. Both James and Virginia McLemore are certified NRA instructors. Virginia is a certified coach, training counselor, national champion, and holds national records in highpower and smallbore rifle. Students must be at least 10 years old. ADULTS ARE WELCOMED. .22 rifles and other equipment will be provided if requested before Thursday September 14 and subjected to availability. If you have your own please bring it. On Sunday there will be a smallbore rifle competition open to all, even if you do not attend Saturday’s classes (see below).



SATURDAY September 16, 2017

Welcome and distribution of handout materials

Safety and handling the .22 rifle

Firing the shot

Divide into 2 groups (beginning subjuniors to the firing line, others continue with lectures)

Training and goal setting, schedule

Preparing for competition, team competition

Rules, types of competitions

Shooters Journal

Prone position

Standing position

Kneeling position

Adjusting sights


Cleaning the rifle

Competition on Sunday


COOK OUT (approximately 3 PM on Sat)


COMPETITION SUNDAY, September 17, 2017 (Open to all even if they did not attend the clinic). Time 8:30.

The course of fire will consist of: 20 shots each position (kneeling, prone, standing, target A-25), Dewar course (20 shots, 50 yds, target A23-5; 20 shots 100 yds, target A-25.  Any .22 rifle, any sights.  If shooters want to shoot prone only of F Class course of fire is 60 shots prone, 50 yds, target A-25, plus the Dewar course. Coaching is allowed in this competition only.


NRA classification will be used (rule 19.15).  Competitors will be grouped by age: novice (10 or younger), subjunior (11-14), inter. junior (14-17), junior (18-20), and adult (over 21).  Less than 3 competitors will be combined.

FEE for competition if not entered in the .22 workshop on Sat $10.


For more information contact Virginia McLemore (1219 Hilton Pl, Socorro, NM  87801; phone 575-835-5521,


Checklist Rifle Match


Item  Notes
Attitude Be positive, focused, self-assured, respectful and courteous at all times.
Small bore rifle and/or air rifle For shooting tens.
Air cylinder for air rifle Should contain sufficient pressure for duration of match.
Sights (and case) It’s good to remove rear sight from rifle for safe storage and transport — just don’t forget it.
Shooting blinder or “occluder” May attach to rear sight, visor or glasses. Covers non-shooting eye allowing it to remain open, relieving stress in facial muscles caused by holding one eye shut while shooting.
Sight apertures Inserts into front sight. A bigger hold requires a bigger aperture. Your hold size will likely vary with position. Change apertures accordingly.
Tools (wrenches, screw drivers) Fitted to my rifle for raising/lowering butt plate, cheek piece, sights, etc.
Ammunition (air/small bore) How many shots will I take, including sighters? Bring more.
Ammo box/tray (air/small bore) Keeps ammunition organized for easy access during match and protects it during transport. Coolers are good.
Hand stop and sling For prone and kneeling positions.
Shooting glove Non-trigger hand should be pushed hard against handstop. Glove protects hand from pressure against hand stop.
Belt or suspenders (not both) Optional. For added back support. Belt may provide ledge for elbow in standing position. Size rules may vary with match (international rules: 40 mm wide max.; 3 mm thick max.).
Spotting Scope For seeing shot placement and making corrections as needed when shooting paper targets.
Scope stand, rods, base, weight Supports scope in all three positions. Weight at bottom serves as counter balance to scope, preventing stand from tipping over.
Rifle scope Rifle scope for matches with any sights.
Offhand stand Supports rifle between shots so shooter maintains position while loading. Supports ammo box.
Bipod Keeps rifle stable and off the floor while not in the hands of the shooter during a match.
Glasses Eye protection is required on all ranges when line is hot.
Hat/cap and/or visor Reduces glare.
Ear plugs/muffs Ear protection is recommended and may be required for small bore. In addition to protection, ear plugs block out distracting noises.
Shooter’s journal For notes and personal reminders. Think critically about what you’re doing, noting what works and what doesn’t, and write it down for reference.
Shooting jacket, pants, and sweater Should be stiff and snug for added stability and support. Wear a T-shirt and shooting sweater under the jacket, and tights or sweats under the pants for best results.
Shooting boots Stiff boots with flat souls for stability and balance, especially in standing position.
Prone mat Provides protection in prone position.
Kneeling roll Supports rear ankle and foot in kneeling position. Acts like bean bag under instep. Add or remove filling for proper support.
Timer For tracking time allowed for set up, sighters, shooting each position, etc.
Measuring tape For maintaining consistent distance between feet when standing.
Wind indicators For outdoor matches.
Bandana or towel For sweat, if match is held in hot conditions.
Air filled SCUBA tank Match host may not have air or there may be a line.
Match fee money (including challenge fee) Costs vary. Cash is always accepted. Checks rarely. Credit cards never. Confirm in advance.
Paperwork Membership numbers (NRA, CMP, USA Shooting), your ranking (marksman, sharpshooter, etc.), booklet for recording match scores, booklet with match rules.
Hydration and Nutrition Water, protein, and whole foods are good. Caffeine, sugary drinks and junk food are bad.
Rain gear and tarp For outdoor rainy conditions
Cleaning gear and rod Clean rifle.
Clips For hanging targets in outdoor matches
Open bolt indicator Safety
Rule book Know the rules!
F Class stand Support the rifle in F Class




Special hunter education camp offered at Camp Thunderbird near Mimbres

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New Mexico Department of Game and Fish
Public contact, Information Center: (888) 248-6866
Media contact: Karl Moffatt: (505) 476-8007


Special hunter education camp offered at Camp Thunderbird near Mimbres

MIMBRES – The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish is offering a special hunter education camp where youths can receive hands-on training and earn their hunter education certification free of charge.

The camp is open to youths ages 10 to 18 who are accompanied by a responsible adult. It will be conducted the weekend of Sept. 15-17 at Camp Thunderbird in the Gila National Forest. Lodging and meals are free and all equipment is provided. Registration for this camp is now open. Those interested in attending must complete and return the registration form available at by noon Sept. 1 to be eligible. Slots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

The department is hosting the camp in partnership with the New Mexico Youth Conservation Foundation.

Participants will learn safe and responsible firearms handling, ethical hunting behaviors, conservation, wildlife identification and basic survival skills. They will get a chance to test their marksmanship skills with .22 rifles and archery on a range under the supervision of certified hunter education instructors and department staff.

To qualify for the camp, youths must have an online account with the department, register with an adult and complete the required homework before attending. To hunt legally in New Mexico, youths younger than age 18 must first successfully complete a hunter education course or be registered in the department’s Mentored-Youth Hunting Program.

For more information, please contact the Hunter Education Office at (505) 222-4731 or go online to

SFWNM is looking for some Youth Archery hunters!!!

NM Mountain
August 14, 2017
Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife

New Mexico
SFW-NM is looking for some Youth Archery Hunters.  4 Donated licenses available

We here at the Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife NM are looking for some Youth Archery Hunters for the upcoming 2017 hunting season. 
We have obtained some donated Elk Archery licenses that need to be filled for this upcoming archery season.
All the licenses are for the first season archery hunt 
September 1-14.
We have tried every person on the list that informed us that they archery hunt and we have given a few archery hunts away from the list already.
But we still have a few more.
Please contact me via email if you know of a youth that could go archery hunting this September. 
The units are:
Unit 52
Unit 53
Unit 15
Unit 16B/22