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They Want to Discard the Presumption of Innocence for Gun Owners

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Yesterday was the final day to file new bills for the 2021 Legislative Session, and they just introduced one of the worst bills we have ever seen. In just-filed HB353, from Representative Dixon,  a firearm that is transferred, without first verifying with the ATF that the firearm is not stolen property, would be presumed to have been stolen. Here is the exact language from the bill:

“A person who receives a firearm without first ensuring that the firearm was not stolen by verifying that fact with the federal bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives national tracing center is presumed to know that the firearm was stolen.”

A son who borrows a shotgun from his father to go hunting with would be presumed to have received stolen property unless they contacted ATF first to verify the gun was not stolen. Receiving a stolen firearm is a felony in New Mexico.

The first stop for this bill is in the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee. We will keep you updated on the progress of this appalling attack on gun ownership itself.

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