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NMSSA Weekend Legislative Update: March 13th

New Mexico Shooting Sports Association - NRA Sanction Organization

We are now down to just one week left in the 2021 Legislative Session. There were two developments this week you should know about. First, HB193, the expansion of the “red-flag” gun confiscation order, was sent from the floor of the House to the House Rules & Order of Business Committee. This is a strong indication that the bill is dead as it was sent back to a committee by the Speaker of the House without a vote on the floor on the bill. It is worth noting that one of the bill’s sponsor’s, Representative Ely, has already said he intends to try again with the bill next year. Second, HB306, the NMSSA supported bill that would impose hard time deadlines on NMDPS to process concealed carry applications and renewals, was called up at the last minute to be heard in the House Judiciary Committee. After a debate on the bill, the committee voted 5-5 on a motion for a due pass. Since the vote was tied, the bill will stay in the House Judiciary Committee for now.

The sponsor of HB306, Representative Lord, was able to speak to the NMDPS Concealed Carry Unit Director about the proposal. The director did not oppose the bill, and recognized that many individuals faced long waits for concealed carry permits and permit renewals in 2020. Even if we are unable to move forward with HB306, we were able to use the bill to get the attention of NMDPS and open a dialogue on why many New Mexicans faced delays in 2020, and how NMDPS can work to process application in a timely fashion going forward. As we enter the final week of the Legislative Session, we will continue to send updates on what is happening.

Zac Fort
New Mexico Shooting Sports Association

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