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What a crock of shit Mayor Timmy

Have you seen the emailing from the Mayor?


We’re all in this together. We are One.

Good evening Albuquerque,

As our city continues to face historically difficult challenges like a global pandemic and dismantling racism, we are now facing a threat of force being sent into our community. Let me be clear—there is no place for Trump’s secret police in our city.

If this was more than a stunt, these politicians would support constitutional crime fighting efforts that work for our community, not turning Albuquerque into a federal police state.

We welcome partnerships in constitutional crime fighting that are in step with our community – but this is a bait and switch excuse. These forces do not abide by the reforms implemented under the DOJ, and will break the trust APD and our community have invested years in rebuilding.

We will not sell out our own community, or our own police department, for this obvious political agenda; as they try to incite violence by targeting our city and our residents.

Operation Legend is not real crime fighting; it’s politics standing in the way of police work and makes us less safe. The President’s own words show he’s ready to incite violence in Democratic cities as a re-election strategy built on gaslighting immigrants and people of color.

Our Chief of Police and City Attorney are standing up with us to protect our residents and keep our community safe, you can see their comments here.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Mayor Tim Keller


The Feds are needed as you don’t care or you are unable to deal with the lawlessness that hides under the veil of protest.  Vandalizing, looting, burning, are all crimes, yet you sit back and perhaps even smile and applaud while your City burns to the ground.  No different than the other Libtard Mayors and Governors around the county who are happy to have this chaos and murder occur.  Wait until they come to burn your house down.  Are you going to call the defunded police for help, or get out the marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars?

You ought to be ashamed, you should hide your head in shame.  Explain to the burned businesses how much you love them and care for them.

After all, what different should we have expected given the highest crime rate and lowest education scores in the country.  Same o, same o right?


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