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Philmont Scout Ranch Fire Restoration & Recovery Initiative

Philmont Scout Ranch Fire Restoration & Recovery Initiative
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DSCNM, DSCF & DSC are honored to be in a position to raise much needed funds for the Restoration & Recovery on the Philmont Scout Ranch. The Ute Park Fire consumed 36,800 acres; 28,000 of these acres is property owned and maintained by
The programs conducted at the Philmont fall Directly in the Mission of DSCNM, DSCF & DSC; not only do the funds serve a much needed short term and long term need, the result will be 20,000+ scouts will be able to continue the Philmont experience in years to come exposed to values that we all hold dear to our hearts.
·       Long Term Restoration & Recovery will include but not limited to:
·       Reseeding of grasses and tree seedlings
·       Falling of now dead burned trees snags
·       Camping Restoration; campgrounds, campsite recovery
·       Repair & Rebuilding of Roads, bridges and trails
·       Addressing and establishing new Safety Protocols due to the fire
100% of the proceeds going directly to the Philmont Scout Ranch Fire Restoration & Recovery Initiative.
We are putting on an online auction fundraiser through now through Nov 16th, 2018.

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