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Libtards Ban Gun Shows at Fairgrounds

Do you remember when the new NM Game Commissioner blocked coyote hunts on state land the moment she got in office?  Not long after, she blocked hunting on the south end of town in the preserve due to “complaints”.  How many of you complained at the blockage or did you just let another right get taken away?

Were you aware that Albuquerque won’t allow anything military (cannons, rockets, etc.) to be placed on City property?  Did you know what the tower and tail of the USS Albuquerque were intended to be placed on the center island on Central Avenue before the City blocked it?  A totally cool idea before the anti-military, anti-police people in ABQ got their way.

If you thought you heard it all, we now have the Dems once again sticking their noses in your rights and you didn’t even get a chance to vote on it or get a say.

Just received this from the Rocky Mountain Gun Show People:

“We are saddened to say that we were forced to cancel our show being held at the Expo New Mexico in Albuquerque on November 20-21. The state of New Mexico will no longer be allowing Gun Shows at state-run facilities. We are however in the process of getting a contract written out with a center in Farmington, NM, and have meetings set with other facilities in Albuquerque. We truly did not want to cancel yet another event and are eager to get Rocky Mountain Gun Show back in New Mexico.”

The Silver Spur shows already had their own conflicts for future NM shows.  This same ruling will block the RMGS and the Gun Collectors of NM shows as well as they were also held at the fairgrounds.

We thought things would be better when COVID was under control, but behind our backs, the State has gone against our will again.

Keep voting for the Democrats and see what other rights they will take away!



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