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2019-20 NM Hunting Rules

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Smallbore Prone Conventional Regional – Capitan

October 12, 2019 – October 13, 2019 all-day
Capitan Hi Power Rifle Club
NM 88316
Virginia McLemore

Smokey Bear Conventional Smallbore Rifle Prone Regional Championship

Date: October 12-13, 2019

Sponsored by the Capitan Highower Rifle Club, Socorro Gun Club, New Mexico Tech Shooting Sports Club

Directions to the range: range entrance on US Hwy 380 is 3 miles east of Capitan, NM.

Competition is open to all competitors.  NRA registered match.


Entry fee:  $50.00 adults; $25.00 juniors and collegiate (includes $10/day range fee and $9 regional) for entire 2 days. One day package will be $35.  Includes a BBQ on Saturday at the range.


Advanced entries are preferred.  Firing begins at 8:30. Entries accepted on match day up to range capacity without adding another relay (18 firing points).


Current NRA prone regional rules apply.


The course of fire will consist of:

IRON SIGHTS: Match 1: Dewar course (20 shots, 50 yds, target A23; 20 shots 100 yds, target A-25); Match 2: 100 yds (40 shots, target A-25); Match 3: 50 meters (40 shots, target A-26); Match 4: 50 yds (40 shots, target A-23/5); 1600 aggregate Match 5.

ANY SIGHTS: Match 6: Dewar course (20 shots, 50 yds, target A23); 20 shots 100 yds (target A-25); Match 7: 100 yds (40 shots, target A-25); Match 8: 50 meters (40 shots, target A-26), Match 9: 50 yds (40 shots, target A-23/5); 1600 aggregate Match 10, Match 11 3200 aggregate


There will be a team match on Saturday afternoon ($10.00).  Two members each and will fire the Dewar (50 yd and 100 yd). NRA medal/money will be awarded to the winning team.


NRA classification will be used (rule 19.15).  Competitors will be grouped by age: novice (10 or younger), subjunior (11-14), inter. junior (14-17), junior (18-20), and adult (over 21).  Less than 3 competitors will be combined.


Competitors may elect to shoot scope all 2 days. On Saturday, they will compete in the any sight class and on Sunday they will be placed in their respective class. Competitors who choose scope only will not be eligible for Regional Championship, nor for credits to the National Championships.


F-CLASS SHOOTERS:  There is an F-Class division.  Current NRA F-Class rules will apply in regards to equipment.  There will be no classes, categories or division of rifle.  F-Class shooters will use NRA metric targets (A-51 (reduced for 50 yards), A-50 (50 Meters) and A-33 (100 yards).  F-Class will have its own award pool.  F-Class Smallbore is now recognized by the NRA. Competitors who choose F-Class only will not be eligible for Regional Championship.


Awards: Regional champion will receive medal. Cash awards in each match for each class, if there are 5 entries; juniors will receive medals or cash.


Each competitor who shoots the regional will receive a NRA regional pin.


General information:  There is no food available at the range.  Restrooms are available.  For more information contact Virginia McLemore (1219 Hilton Pl, Socorro, NM  87801; phone 575-835-5521, Camping is available.


The range will be open on Friday for practice, but call Ginger for scheduling.

We will have a barbeque Saturday afternoon, 3:00 PM or after shooting.  Bring utensils, drinks, and something to share for desert or main course.  Capitan Gun Club will provide charcoal and plates and main dish. We must have a minimum of 10 competitors to continue having this regional championship

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