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2019-20 NM Hunting Rules

Project Childsafe from the NSSF

Project Appleseed, Raton, NM

April 27, 2019 – April 28, 2019 all-day
NRA Whittington Center
34025 U.S. 64
Raton, NM 87740
Gillian Frye

Raton, NM – NRA Whittington Center

April 27, 2019 – April 28, 2019

This is a standard two day Appleseed event.

Both Centerfire and 22 Rimfire rifles are allowed at this event.

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Address: 34025 US 64, Raton, NM 87740


Please Read: How to Prepare for an Event

Safety Notice:

Rifles must be cased and left in vehicle until after the Safety Briefing. Do Not bring your firearms out until instructed to bring them to the firing line. No loaded firearms on the range unless on the firing line and load command has been given. Eye and ear protection required. No illegal firearms are allowed. Some ranges are .22 rimfire only. At ranges that allow centerfire no rifle cartridges over 8mm cal or handgun cartridges over .45 cal are allowed.


Range Fee: The NRA Whittington Center stands as a symbol of American freedom. $20 per person per day. NOTE: $25 per person per day for Known & Unknown Distance.

Camping Available:

Camping: Tent, Rooms, Cabins & RV facilities at the NRAWC.
It’s cheaper and more beautiful than in town! Book Early!!
Call or see info about housing/camping here. 

Imagine yourself in wild high mountain country near Raton, New Mexico, where the bright starry nights look like day.
Reminisce back to the days when Ute raiding parties rode over the mesas.
Back to when legendary mountain men like Jim Bridger and Kit Carson knew every trail between Raton and Santa Fe.


Many are in Raton 15 minutes away. Cheapest motels are usually the Robin Hood Motel (575-445-5577) and the Colt Motel (575-445-2305). Book early!


The NRAWC’s world famous, private,  prestigious Jeff Cooper Memorial Range. Located just off Interstate Highway 25 at New Mexico Exit 446. Turn west onto State Highway 64. The NRA Whittington Center is 4 miles down the road on the right side.

See map on range website.

GPS: 36.7735717,-104.4858404

State Laws to be aware of:

State gun laws at the NRA:

It is the responsibility of attendees to know and comply with all State and Federal Firearms Laws.

Open carry or concealed carry of handguns both in automobile and while afoot is legal in the state and at the NRAWC. No handguns on the actual firing line.


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Our shoots are held either at the world famous, private, and prestigious Jeff Cooper Memorial Range or at the Coors Range. The NRAWC is 33,000 acres of rugged western terrain, 10 miles southwest of Raton. It is in the scenic high mesa country of New Mexico. This range abounds with wild turkey, black bear, cougar, deer, elk and antelope. See our After Action Reports below.

22LR preferred – and bring your Centerfire rifle for long range on day 2!

Please make sure to bring the following items:

1 a shooting mat, ear and eye protection
2 a shooting jacket, if you have one
3 a rifle sling if you have one (preferably a GI sling)
4 rain gear and a light jacket
5 a hat and sunscreen
6  snacks/lunch and water for each day – Please bring lunch to range as we will tell the story of April 19th, 1775 during lunch!
7 250 rounds of ammo for your rifle
8 cleaning supplies for your rifle

Please email for further information on how to prepare for this unique and rewarding event.

Unknown Distance Event

Sorry – no free tickets available for this event.

See AAR’s for each event here:

UKD link:

PRC link:

The advanced CENTERFIRE ONLY courses below each require previous attendance of a standard 2 day Appleseed. It is strongly encouraged that the shooter has attained “Expert” status on our 25 Yard AQT. Limited to 10 shooters.  NO WALK ONS.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

1.) Our UKD-Unknown Distance course offers a very realistic dynamic for the Rifleman. It puts into action the “Primary Tasks of a Rifleman”.  A concept simply talked about in our 2 day class. We will actually detect, range and shoot complex and hidden targets in canyons, open fields, shaded woods among the high country buttes.  Distances vary from 100-900 yards.

Bring your bolt or semi-auto rifle of 338 or less. Scopes or iron sights will work, but at this course scoped (with a MIL-DOT or MIL or MOA based marks) bolt actions will do best! Have your rifle zeroed at 25 yards! This is a NON-AQT, field expedient course.  In addition the usual items listed above, bring a small pack, rangefinder, binoculars,  pen notepad, and a calculator plus the usual Rifleman essentials. We will shoot about 300 rounds of ammo.
We will shoot the 1125 yard White Buffalo at the Silhouette Range too!!

2.) Our PRC-Precision Rifle Course is similar to the UKD except we shoot known targets to a distance of 1700 yards. Target size is 2 & 4 MOA on AR-500 steel.
Scoped (with a MIL-DOT or MIL or MOA based marks) centerfire rifles work best.

For more information contact:

Name: NM State Coordinator Email Address:

Name: Gillian Fryer Email Address: Phone: 575-770-2806

Instructors Resources: PDF

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