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Los Alamos Sportsmens Club .22 Silhouette Match

July 13, 2019 all-day
Los Alamos Sportsmen's Club
Los Alamos
NM 87544
Steven Bender

.22 Silhouette Matches

This Match/Competition is open to any eligible competitor.  You need not be a member of the NRA, the CMP, or the Los Alamos Sportsmen’s Club.

Registration at Los Alamos starts at 8:00am followed by range set-up and practice with the match starting at 9:30am. Entry fees for the Los Alamos matches will be $3.00.  The matches are held the second Saturday of the month all year.

Any firearm that is chambered for the .22 caliber short, long or long rifle rimfire cartridges is eligible for use.  Hot loads, such as “Stingers”, are not permitted and cannot be used at the match.

Four courses of fire are at varying sizes of steel plate silhouettes at varying distances. Firing is performed from a standing position.  The Stage that the competitor starts with can vary due to the number of shooters and relays. Eye and hearing protection are MANDATORY.


.22 Silhouette Match Course of Fire is over 4 Stages:

  • Chickens – approx. 5 inches across at 40 meters
  • Pigs – approx. 10 inches across at 50 meters
  • Turkeys – approx. 9 inches across at 75 meters
  • Rams – approx. 16 inches across at 100 meters

Each course of fire is two strings of five silhouettes each.  Each string is a 30 second preparation period followed with two minutes for five shots followed by a 30 second break and then a second string of fire.  This occurs at each of the four stages.  After each stage firearms are racked or cased before going down range to reset and paint targets.

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