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Smallbore Prone 6400 Championship NRA Regional Match. Phoenix, AZ @ Ben Avery Shooting Facility
Mar 14 – Mar 18 all-day

March 14, 15, 16, 17, & 18, 2018
Wednesday through Sunday
Hosted by the Desert Sharpshooters

RANGE LOCATION: Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, on the west side of I-17, Exit #223 (Carefree Highway).

ELIGIBILITY: NRA membership is no longer required. Please note that a shooter must be a member of the NRA in order to establish a National Record.

WESTERN WILDCAT MEMBERSHIP: All competitors must be Western Wildcat members in good standing. The annual dues are $5.00, which will be waived for all competitors. For new members there is an additional, one-time initiation fee of $3.00. Membership requirements do not apply to non-US citizen entrants residing outside the USA.

RULES: NRA Rules will govern. The NRA Classification System will be used. The Wildcat Match has an Open/High Master Class – see note below. Unclassified shooters will compete in the Master Class.

CHALLENGES: Rule 16.1 It cost $1.00 to challenge your score, or another competitor’s score. The challenge period for the last match of the day will end at 9am on the following day – Friday and Saturday, and 8am on Sunday. Challenges on Sunday will end 30 minutes after the final scores are posted.

MASTER SHOOTERS: Mark your entry card as HIGH MASTER if you are a Distinguished Smallbore Prone Rifleman, a supported athlete (e.g. USOTC or USAMU), or if you have fired five or more 1600s (or 1200 Scores). These shooters will compete for Open/High Master awards only. All other Masters and those that have not indicated a classification will compete in the Master Class.

ADVANCE ENTRIES: All submitted entries should be accompanied by the appropriate entry fees and a printed entry form. Checks will be deposited during the week of the Wildcat. Please make checks out to the Western Wildcat Club. Mailed entries must be received no later than March 7th.

POST ENTRIES: Entries received after March 7th may be accepted at the range, provided such entries do not require an additional relay.

SEND ENTRIES TO: Nancy Tompkins, P.O. Box 11684, Prescott, AZ 86304

CANCELLATION: If a shooter cannot attend the competition after paying an advance entry, both his entry and registration fees will be returned, minus $5.00 for dues. If you need to cancel, please email Nancy Tompkins at prior to the start of the competition.

NO REFUNDS FOR DROPOUTS! Once you have fired your first shot, you are a competitor.

ENTRY LIMITS: We are limited to 170 competitors. Walk-on entries may be accepted up to the capacity of the range, provided they do not require an additional relay.

TOURNAMENT RESULTS: This year’s results will be posted on the Arizona rifle shooting website located at: This is being done to reduce postage costs. Competitors and range staff, who request a complete paper result bulletin, will have them mailed to them.

REGISTRATION & FEES FOR ADULTS: A package fee of $185.00 will cover all fired Matches, aggregates, Wildcat Sweatshirt Match, and Registration fees. A package fee of $95.00 will cover any two-day matches, aggregates, Wildcat Sweatshirt Match and Registration fees. Each competitor will receive a 2018 Wildcat T-Shirt and the BBQ dinner on Saturday night.

There is an incentive for bringing juniors to the WWC. For each junior that a full-paying adult competitor brings to the WWC and they shoot all 4 days, that adult will receive $25 off their registration fee for each junior, up to 3 juniors.

REGISTRATION & FEES FOR JUNIORS AND COLLEGIATE SHOOTERS: Junior and Collegiate shooters may enter the individual or team competition, provided they meet the following eligibility: Junior – Comply with Rule 2.3

Intermediate Junior – Comply with Rule 2.31
Sub-Junior – Comply with Rule 2.32
Individuals who have National Guard, Reserve, or Active Duty status and receive support (as defined in Rule 2.2) may not compete as juniors.

Juniors and collegiate shooters may enter for a package fee of $60.00 ($63.00 for first-time juniors and collegiate shooters) for all 4 days. If not firing all four days, they will pay $15.00 per day + $3.00 for first- time entry in their assigned classification. They will receive a Western Wildcats T-shirt and will only be eligible for special non-monetary awards. Tyro juniors (Marksman, Sharpshooter or Unclassified), that is, a person entering their first match and shooting Iron Sights only may also enter the 4-day aggregate for $63.00. They will compete only within the Tyro group. Juniors and collegiate shooters wishing to be eligible for regular match awards may do so by paying the full entry fee. The highest scoring junior and collegiate shooter (in any class, category or group) in Match # 25 will be eligible to win a sweatshirt, if there are a minimum of 3 in the category. All juniors and collegiate shooters will receive 250 rounds of good quality match ammunition on each day they shoot. Ammo will be drawn each day at the center of the firing line. Please don’t take ammo if you are shooting your own.

REGISTRATION & FEES FOR ANY SIGHT COMPETITORS: There is a separate class for Scope Only for the entire championship. Separate awards will be given if there are 5 or more competitors. Mark your entry card appropriately!

F-CLASS SHOOTERS: There is an F-Class division within the Western Wildcats 6400 Championships. Current NRA F-Class rules will apply in regards to equipment. Awards will be given if there are 5 or more competitors in a class, if not the classes will be combined. F-Class shooters will use NRA metric targets (listed below). F-Class will have its own award pool and a trophy will be awarded to the F-Class Western Wildcat Champion. F-Class shooters are not part of the Regional Championships.

TEAM MATCH FEES: $10.00 per competitor per match.

TARGET CLIPS: Competitors must provide their own target clips.

TARGETS: The targets for conventional prone are: A-23 (50 yards), A-25 (100 yards), and A-26 (50 Meters). The F-Class targets are: A-50 (50 Meters) and A-33 (100 meters reduced to 100 yards).

PRACTICE: The range will be open for practice on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 14th-15th. On Wednesday, practice will occur on available firing points after the team matches are squadded. There will be a range fee of $10.00 per day for practice. Juniors practice for free.



RANGE SET-UP: Friday, March 9th. Please show up at 9 am to help get the range ready for the matches if you are available. Practice will be available to those who help, after range set-up is complete at no cost. Desert Sharpshooters is hosting a Metric Prone Regional on Saturday March 10th & Sunday March 11th.

SQUADDING: Shooters will be given one firing point from which they will fire the entire championship.

We will not be moving firing points once the championship has started.



Pickup teams are permitted. Team time will be used.

Match #26: Dewar Course, Iron Sights. 10:00 AM

#27: Reverse Dewar Course, Any Sights. 1:00 PM


Match # 1: Dewar Course

# 2: 40 shots, 100 yards

# 3: 40 shots, 50 meters

# 4: 40 shots, 50 yards

# 5: Thursday Iron Sight Aggregate

#28: Made in America (Individual match. Not part of the championship agg.)


Match # 6: Dewar Course

# 7: 40 shots, 100 yards

# 8: 40 shots, 50 meters

# 9: 40 shots, 50 yards

#10: Friday Any Sight Aggregate

#21: Thursday/Friday 3200 Aggregate


Match #11: Dewar Course

#12: 40 shots, 100 yards

#13: 40 shots, 50 meters

#14: 40 shots, 50 yards

#15: Saturday Iron Sight Aggregate

#23: Wildcat Iron Sight 3200 Championship

*8:00 AM* SUNDAY, MARCH 18-ANY SIGHTS (Note early start!)

Match #16: Dewar Course

#17: 40 shots, 100 yards

#18: 40 shots, 50 meters

#19: 40 shots, 50 yards

#20: Sunday Any Sight Aggregate

#22: Saturday/Sunday 3200 Aggregate

#24: Wildcat Any Sight 3200 Championship


SWEATSHIRT MATCH: Wildcat sweatshirts will be awarded as follows: Winner and 1st in Class in the 1600, 3200 & 6400 aggregates, and anyone firing a 1600 or 3200 and winner in the category awards. There is a limit of one sweatshirt per competitor.

AWARD CATEGORIES – Match 25: There must be at leave five competitors in a category for an award:


Senior (Age 60 to 69)

Grand Senior (Age 70+)


Any Sight

Collegiate Rule 2.8

Junior Rule 2.3

Intermediate Junior Rule 2.3.1

Sub-Junior Rule 2.3.2

Tyro junior (juniors entering their first match and shooting iron sights only).

The top three overall winners in Match #25 will be removed from the category awards. A competitor may win only one category award. Open awards are given first and then the category awards as listed above.

Cash and/or merchandise will be awarded in each of the individual matches in lieu of NRA award points.

REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP AWARDS: This championship is an NRA Regional Championship. Medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place overall will be awarded. The top 10% of competitors based upon aggregate scores may earn a leg towards NRA Distinguished Prone Rifle.


A category and class must have at least 5 entries or they will be combined with the next higher class. One Class award will be provided for every 5 entries within the High Master (Open), Master, Expert, Sharpshooter, and Marksman Classes. The Statistical Officer may combine classes after determining the number of competitors actually firing in a match. 50% of the entry fees, after expenses, will be awarded as cash prizes. The remainder of the money goes to range fees, NRA fees, staff, targets, sweatshirts, T-Shirts, building rentals, Saturday night dinner, supplies, etc.

Juniors and collegiate shooters compete for non-monetary awards unless they pay adult entry fees.

A shooter may win only one award per match. If he/she qualifies for more than one award, the larger award will be given and the lesser award will be passed down to the next eligible shooter. In the event of an unbreakable tie, the higher award will be given to BOTH shooters.

SPECIAL AWARDS in MATCH #25 – The Overall winner will have their name inscribed on the 6400 Champion Henry Benson Memorial Trophy Plaque (Doan Trevor has made a new trophy). NRA Regional Championship medals will be awarded as well to the top 3 competitors.

All category winners will receive a trophy.

TARGET CHANGING: Competitors will handle their own unfired targets and pull their own fired targets (as per the new rules at the 2012 National Matches). Handicapped shooters will be assisted by range personnel.

MISCELLANEOUS INFO: The Ben Avery Shooting Facility has lots of room for camping. This includes tents to motor homes. It is maintained by Arizona Game & Fish. Many of the spaces have water as well as electric hook-ups. There is a charge for these facilities. Call (623)582-8313 for reservations. If you expect to arrive after range hours, be sure to call ahead for the combination number to open the electronic gate.

MOTELS: This is the tourist and baseball season in Arizona so reservations should be made SEVERAL WEEKS in advance. No matter where you stay, make sure that you never leave anything of importance in your car. Auto theft and car break-ins are high in the Phoenix area.

ANNUAL MEETING: The annual Wildcat meeting will be held at the range on Friday, March 16th after the day’s matches have been scored and posted.

SATURDAY COOKOUT: For 2018, the event will be catered. There will be more information during the match. After the cookout, the sweatshirts for Thursday through Saturday’s matches will be presented and door prizes for cookout attendees will be awarded. Please bring door prizes to donate to the pool of prizes—shooting related or not. Guests will be charged $15 to cover the catering cost. JOIN THIS ANNUAL FUN GET TOGETHER!

Please give door prize donations to the Challenge Trailer during the week. We ask that every competitor would donate something to add to the fun of the BBQ get together.

LUNCHES AND DRINKS: Are not available at the range. There is a water fountain outside of the Stat room. There is a hot dog stand in operation behind the public shooting range on weekends.

NOTICE! Glass containers are PROHIBITED within the grounds of Ben Avery Shooting Facility. This is mandated by the range management. Please bring your beverages in cans or plastic.

MADE IN AMERICA MATCH: Following the match on Thursday, there will be a Special Any Sight Dewar Match held at the center of the firing line. Competitors must use firearms which have been manufactured in America. All ammo and other equipment need not be made in America. There is a $10.00 fee and awards will be given.

Western Wildcat Rifle Champions

Year Winner Score__

1959 Forrest Kline 3191-226

1960 Jim Hill 3191-228

1961 Bill Grater 3196-249

1962 Herb Hollister 6390-504

1963 George Stidworthy 6381-472

1964 Herb Hollister 6383-487

1965 Herb Hollister 6389-515

1966 Lones Wigger 6377-497

1967 (Dual Champions*)

Tom Guerin* (Civilian) 6391-496

Lones Wigger*(Service) 6389-537

1968 Herb Hollister 6389-528

1969 Lones Wigger 6394-536

1970 Margaret Murdock 6395-532

1971 Tom Guerin 6378-496

1972 Tom Guerin 6398-542

1973 Tom Whitaker 6399-595

1974 Bob Mitchell 6398-531

1975 Tom Whitaker 6400-574

1976 Mary Stidworthy 6394-513

1977 Allan Knowles 6382-513

1978 Tom Whitaker 6398-531

1979 Lones Wigger 6398-553

1980 Ernie Vande Zande 6396-552

1981 Mary Stidworthy 6387-504

1982 Ernie Vande Zande 6399-546

1983 Allan Knowles 6390-534

1984 Allan Knowles 6395-547

1985 Mary Sparling 6396-557

1986 Allan Knowles 6394-515

1987 Mary Sparling 6398-567

1988 Mary Sparling 6391-538

1989 Robbie Franker 6395-493

1990 Ben Smith 6391-530

1991 Lones Wigger 6387-492

1992 Lones Wigger 6397-526

1993 Steve Goff 6397-515

1994 Billy Meek 6395-546

1995 Billy Meek 6386-498

1996 Allan Knowles 6394-530

1997 Allan Knowles 6394-522

1998 Lones Wigger 6395-515

1999 Billy Meek 6395-546

2000 Tony Leone 6397-511

2001 Lones Wigger 6398-530

2002 Billy Meek 6386-497

2003 Billy Meek 6385-493

2004 Matt Emmons 6397-519

2005 Reya Kempley 6391-519

2006 Steve Goff 6389-507

2007 Tarl Kempley 6371-459

2008 Matt Emmons 5188-448

2009 Reya Kempley 6397-553

2010 Tarl Kempley 6391-516

2011 Reya Kempley 6393-524

2012 Chris Abalo 6398-543

2013 Eric Uptagrafft 6391-548

2014 Michael McPhail 6398-545

2015 Eric Uptagrafft 6397-567

2016 Matt Chezem 6396-546

2017 Mark Del Cotto 6396-536


Name__________________________________________________ NRA#______________________

(NRA Membership NOT required, except for setting a National Record)


City__________________________ State_______________________ Zip______________________

Phone#_____________________________ Date of Birth_____________________________________

E-mail Address – PLEASE PRINT legibly! ___________________________________________________

Class (Circle one): *Open/High Master Master Expert Sharpshooter Marksman

**F-class **Scope Only (All 4 Days – Please circle classification).

*High Master are Distinguished or a shooter that has fired five or more 1600 or 1200 scores.

Category (Circle all that apply): Woman Junior Intermediate Junior Sub-Junior

Senior Grand Senior Collegiate Service

FEES: (Please circle all that apply)

Adult Four Day Package & Juniors (*Monetary awards) …………….………………………… $185.00

Adult Two Day Package & Juniors * – Thur., Fri., Sat., Sun. (Circle two days) …………… $ 95.00

Junior and Collegiate Total Package (No monetary awards) …………………………………… $ 60.00

Junior & Collegiate Two-Day Package – Thur., Fri., Sat., Sun. (Circle two days) …………… $ 30.00

Tyro Package (See program for conditions). …………………………………………………….. $ 63.00

Two Day Tyro Package Thur. Fri. Sat. Sun. (Includes initiation fee) ……………………………. $ 33.00

Those NOT competing who wish to extend their Western Wildcats Rifle Club Membership…$ 5.00

Total Amount………………………………………………………………………………………$ _______

*Team fees ($20.00 per team), and Made in America Match ($10.00) will be collected at range.

*Practice fee $10 per day will be collected at range

T-Shirt (Men’s) Size – circle one: Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large XXX-Large

Make check payable to Western Wildcats Rifle Club. Print this completed form and mail to:

Nancy Tompkins, P.O. Box 11684, Prescott, AZ 86304