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Access to Firearms is Under Attack || Act Now!

Last week the Trump administration labeled gun stores and gun manufacturers as “essential“ businesses during the shut downs happening for COVID19. Unfortunately our anti-Second Amendment Governor refuses to do the same. It’s time we stand up and let our voice be heard.

Our founding fathers never envisioned the Second Amendment to be used in times of peace but in times of uncertainty in and times of conflict. As the scope of government grows, our right to defend ourselves against tyranny and our right to defend our homes from danger becomes increasingly important.

Call Governor Lujan Grisham today and tell her we demand access to firearms retailers and ammunition in this uncertain time.

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham : 505-476-2200

Although we are in a tough time, our fight to defend the Second Amendment is ongoing. NMSSA continues to stand at the front lines of our fight against New Mexico‘s gun grabbing politicians. Will you join the fight? Join today at
Pressing on for Freedom,

Zac Fort 
President, NMSSA

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