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Be sure to vote “R”ight choice by Tuesday!

From the office of the NMSSA President,
In 2016, for the first time ever, some candidates running for office are attacking our Second Amendment rights rather than talking about enforcing our current laws and locking up criminals who misuse firearms. The balance of the Court is at stake.
The next president will nominate the next Supreme Court justice, and potentially as many as three justices. The party that controls the U.S. Senate will confirm – or block – the president’s nominee(s) to the Supreme Court. The Heller decision, which held that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to “keep and bear arms,” was decided by just one vote. That’s why it is so important for gun owners and Second Amendment supporters to get out and vote.
If you didn’t get to vote early or absentee, NMSSA urges you to vote Tuesday.  If you, like many, don’t like either candidate – please vote for the one who will be least likely to sabotage our Constitution and will most likely work with Congress to support our Second Amendment. 
If you have voted and you have friends and family who have not, please put forth a super effort to get them to the polls!
New Mexico Shooting Sports Association

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